Weight-Management & Sports Nutrition

My relevant background for helping clients with weight management, fat loss, and nutrition for physical performance includes the following:

  • Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist
  • Former Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA – 2009)
  • Dietetic training included study and client consultation in the Department of Sports Medicine at Wayne State University
  • Instructor in the graduate class, Nutrition for Physical Performance

The last bullet, above, may be the most unusual and beneficial in my training for weight management and sports nutrition. In this class we covered both exercise and nutrition for the various categories of athletic performance. Underlying that was material on human digestion and metabolism that many (if not most) dietitians and personal trainers never receive. Teaching this class allowed me to understand the missing pieces of the overall puzzle, the big picture of both sports nutrition and weight management.

Because of this unique experience, I am able to offer simple, practical suggestions for fat loss and weight management that allow even those who are limited in their ability to perform physical activity.