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Please schedule with Doug via phone (248-722-1845) or email ( Thanks.

All appointments are in Eastern time, so if you’re calling from a different time zone for a phone or video appointment, be sure to make the appropriate adjustment. For legal reasons, you should be a Michigan resident or physically be in Michigan at the time of your dietetic consultation if your consultation is going to be remote via phone or video conference.

Because dietetic/nutritional consulting is time intensive, it is rare that initial appointments run less than the scheduled hour. If they do run short, you will be billed/refunded to the nearest quarter hour. Meetings are billed according to time used, however, so if we agree to run beyond the scheduled time window, you will be billed to the nearest quarter hour.

Acceptable payment options include the following:

  • PayPal, which can be paid in person or in advance (for remote consultations). To pay by PayPal, pay to PayPal is a great payment option for those who are doing a remote consultation (via phone or video conference) and prefer not to reveal credit card info (though my office handles CC info carefully and securely).
  • Credit cards
  • Cash can work, if we meet face to face
  • Checks are accepted for all meetings but should arrive to my office prior to remote meetings*.

*Remote appointments (phone or video consultations) are customarily paid at the start of the consultation.

General consultation HOURS:
M, Th: 1 PM – 9 PM
Tu, W, F: 9AM – 4 PM
Appointments outside general hours can be arranged if necessary.

Phone or email today for your dietetic consultation.